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Creative Direction, Photography, and Design

Welcome to my professional resume and portfolio site. Here you will find a number of projects I’ve been involved with, as well as my current resume.

I’ve spent my career becoming the person you want injecting passion and personality into your brand.

As a young designer, I created web sites and sales tools for companies like Saturn, General Mills, International Paper, and Big O Tires.

During the dot-com years, I managed a team of designers and web developers for a startup called developing web-publishing portals for college newspapers.

My next assignment was UI designer/webmaster at a legal software company, where I created the UI/UX design for our flagship online product, and was eventually promoted to marketing manager. I led our efforts to refine our brand and messaging, and helped increase annual sales by 60% over a 3-year period. We were eventually acquired by a large software company, and I focused on integrating our brands, products, and marketing strategies. The acquisition would have meant an eventual move to HQ in Dayton, OH, but I got bitten by the entrepreneurial bug first.

I decided to start a full-service marketing agency, focused on local businesses, with clients including my former employer, a leading vision insurance company, a structural-steel manufacturer, a national retail merchandiser, Northern California’s largest window company, a major healthcare provider, a regional restaurant chain, alternative-energy start-ups in the solar and hydrogen fuel-cell spaces, software and entertainment companies, a wood- and alternate-fuels stove company, and even California’s oldest pawn shop.

My wife and I relocated to Napa for the beautiful surroundings, and I started taking wine classes for fun at the local junior college. I fell in love with the world of wine, and decided to shift my career focus to our local industry (which is wine, in case your only experience with Napa is auto parts). I was the graphic designer for St. Supéry Estate Vineyards & Winery in Rutherford for several years before discovering a passion (and talent) for photography.

I now have a bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing, an associate’s degree in Art, and an associates degree in Wine Marketing & Sales, but don’t ever plan to stop learning.

I currently live in in the Carneros region of Napa, and am the principal photographer at – Wine Country Photography. When I’m not working, I like to spend time with my wife Carol and our cat Lucy, create art and photography, play (and listen to) music, soak in inspiration from the beauty and magic that surrounds us, and generally “unplug.”

If you’re a friend, acquaintance, or colleague, let’s connect via Facebook or LinkedIn.

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Dan Wilson


Dan Wilson
1033 Baview Avenue
Napa, CA 94559